Water Vole Art Gallery

Water Vole Art

Artist Catherine Matthews recently led an online water vole art class  – here are just some of the water voles that were painted during the class.

Why not have a go yourself?

We’d love to see your artwork and display it on this page. Please email it to  natureworks@rftrust.org.uk

How to Paint a Water Vole


Alternatively you could colour in the pre-drawn water vole colouring sheet.

Water Vole Colouring Sheet

Above from left to right:

Catherine Matthews

Carly Kaplan

Abi Mynott

Above from left to right:

Victoria Vickers

Sourie Kaplan

Rebecca Moody

Above from left to right:

Rachel Strudwick

Laura Bremner

Cheryl Mcilroy

Above from left to right:

Liz Williams

Christine Good

Steph Noble


Neil Stafford