Our Conservation Work

Stanwick Lakes has a diverse range of habitats, all of which need to be managed to maintain the abundance of wildlife which depend on them. Rockingham Forest Trust rangers lead a large group of volunteers who, through their hard work and dedication, help to conserve these habitats for future generations.

Examples of our hands-on-management work includes:-

  • Willow clearance from reedbeds and lake margins to provide habitat for waterfowl and warblers to nest in.
  • Hedgerow management, such as hedge laying, to provide nature corridors for small mammals and nesting habitat for small birds.
  • Conservation grazing during the summer growing season, using cattle and sheep, to keep scrub levels down around the lake margins for ground nesting birds. This also helps keep the grass low for the winter arrivals such as Wigeon and Lapwing.
  • Monitoring of water levels, controlled by the Environment Agency using sluice gates, to maintain a wetland habitat.

If you are interested in joining our dedicated group of FOSiLs (Friends of Stanwick Lakes) to help us with this vital conservation work, then please call (01933) 625522 and ask the ranger team for details.