Wildlife Cameras Go Missing

For a while now at Stanwick Lakes, we have enjoyed monitoring the activity of the wildlife that lives here using motion sensor cameras. We have been lucky enough to film wonderful glimpses of the creatures and these films have provided fantastic educational value for the many school children, groups and clubs who visit Stanwick Lakes each year. Sadly, these cameras went missing last week and, not only have we lost the equipment, but we will be unable to use new footage for our educational work this year.

A wide variety of wildlife has been caught on film including muntjac deer, otters, foxes, badgers, and birds such as goosander, wren and owls, all going about their business completely naturally and unaware of the fact they were being filmed. The cameras have also allowed us to monitor invasive species, such as mink.

We are lucky to have such a wealth of wildlife at Stanwick Lakes. Much of the waterfowl is here due to the management of the site by the rangers and team of FOSiLS. The appearance of otters back in the Nene Valley is evidence that the water quality of the river has improved due to the work of the Environment Agency. Much of the wildlife makes Stanwick Lakes their home but some, like the otters, are just visiting.

We very much hope that these cameras will be returned to us so that we can continue to monitor the activity on site and continue to use the films for educational purposes.