Team Building & Activity Days

Team Building at Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes offers a wide variety of team days, from low impact fun, to challenges focussed on addressing specific business issues with an experienced trainer. Our customers range from large corporates to small local enterprises and charities, and we match the activities to the goal, creating a customised programme around your requirements.


Some of our team activities are more physically challenging than others, but are flexible enough to be adapted or extended, according to the needs of the group; others require more ‘thinking’ than ‘doing’. Depending on the activities chosen it is usual to combine two or more in a day, and we can mix and match between the levels.

The nature of the Stanwick Lakes site lends itself to outdoor adventures, and we do encourage all teams to go outside for at least part of the time. To complement the outdoor activities we also have a number of team challenges which can be done indoors.

Higher Level Experience – for the High-Octane Team!

  • The Assault Course Challenge – it’s about getting all team members safely through the course. Great fun, and quite competitive.
  • Bicycle Challenges – our Orienteering Course and our Treasure Hunt Trail both take in most of the site and can be undertaken on bikes, for extra thrill and speed of completion!
  • Fitness Trail – a team challenge which incorporates various elements of our adventure equipment, including our Fitness Zone, with circuit training area and our compact outdoor climbing rock and traversing wall.

For the Mixed Team, Medium Level Experience

  • Our Treasure Hunt Trail – undertaken on foot around the loveliest part of the site, finding the answers to multiple clues, performing certain ‘tasks’ along the way and ‘scavenging’ for specified items. Which team will complete the task in the shortest time – with the right answers?!
  • Den Building – in our secret wooded area, using basic materials like branches and tarpaulins. Which team can build the den most likely to withstand wind and rain? Extra points for ingenuity and decorative appeal!
  • Dig Pit Archaeology – the chance to become ‘Time Teams!’, digging up artefacts from our sandy dig pit related to various eras, then working out which goes in each timeframe (Neolithic, Medieval etc.)
  • Semaphore in the Outdoor Theatre – and other team games. How well can you convey a message to your team using just flags?!
  • Historic Immersion Experiences – from Roman cookery to medieval pottery. There are a number of activities to choose from which would have been very familiar to our ancestors.

Plus a variety of exercises such as:

  • ‘The Tower of Power’ – needing team co-operation and communication
  • ‘Plan, Do, Review’ – a fun game with serious learning outcomes

Light Activities

A number of these activities can be done indoors (or out) and include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • ‘Apprentice’ style challenges
  • Paper Eiffel Tower

What will we Learn?

Each exercise is briefed and then reviewed to ensure the objectives have been met.

Even after a purely ‘fun’ day we find that teams learn about both themselves as individuals and also their overall team dynamics, and are inspired to carry forward this learning and increased camaraderie into the workplace.


We offer packages that can include full days, or the increasingly popular half day company meeting with half day activity session. For teams looking for more in-depth sessions to focus on specific aspects of effective team working we have a professional trainer who can lead the sessions.

Refreshments – Buffet lunch and teas/coffees etc are included as part of the day.

To discuss how we can boost your team, ring us on 01933 625522 or email


“We had a fantastic day with the team at Stanwick Lakes. You made us so welcome and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you all.  Due to the location of our roles this is the first time we have been able to get together as one big team.  The team building exercises certainly enabled us to come together as one, realising that as individual departments we have but one goal, which is to support our colleagues who offer frontline support to Stroke Survivors.”

“We are a large corporate company who reward our staff for their hard work with various activities each quarter. We discovered Stanwick Lakes on the internet and gave them a call. Not only did we find them exceptionally easy & flexible to work with, but they also catered for a wide age range and kept everyone engaged for the whole event. The food was fantastic, first class, and the activities were really fun. We will be coming back annually to see the new friends we have made at Stanwick Lakes. Fantastic venue, fantastic staff – thanks for having us.”

“On behalf of the team, I wanted to write and say thank you for the event you hosted for us this week. The feedback from the team has been fantastic. The venue was bright, airy and inspirational. The service was excellent and there is a real buzz in the team which has been created by the team building exercises we did in the afternoon.”

“Thank you so much for an excellent evening a couple of weeks ago. I think the bruises and aches and pains have nearly all gone now. Who would have thought an obstacle course would have been so testing! Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in making the evening such a success. The activities were engaging and the BBQ was excellent. We received a lot of positive feedback from the staff and we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather.”