Horse Riding

Horse Riding at Stanwick Lakes

The former railway line provides a linear route running from Irthlingborough towards Thrapston (approximately six miles) which can be used by horse riders.

Stanwick Lakes is a nature reserve and special site for its wildlife and particularly for its breeding and over-wintering birds. It is also a mixed-use site which attracts a variety of visitors including many families with young children. With this in mind we have put together a code of conduct for horse-riders. If you follow the code, you will enjoy yourself, protect the wildlife and allow other people to enjoy their activities too.

Stanwick Lakes Horse Riding Code

  • Please pass pedestrians and cyclists slowly and take extra care when passing walkers with dogs or children.
  • Within the main Stanwick Lakes site, please keep to a walk at all times.
  • Follow the marked horse routes and keep to the grass to the side of the path where possible.
  • Be sure to close all gates behind you.
  • Wear a British Standard Approved riding hat at all times
  • Riders use the routes at their own risk – Rockingham Forest Trust take no responsibility for injury to riders, horses or any third party involved in an accident with horses.