How the recent floods have affected Stanwick Lakes

We have seen our first flood in two years which has topped up lakes and reedbeds across this important wetland habitat at Stanwick Lakes.

The low water levels last year resulted in larger numbers of breeding ground nesting birds, while the higher water levels in the reedbeds this year will benefit the waders and water birds. Water Rail, Redshank and Sandpipers are enjoying larger areas of water scrapes and pools to feed on aquatic invertebrates and small fish.

The fluctuating levels of water have resulted in some casualties with many early laid eggs floating away in the water, but there is plenty of time for some to have another go. Wetter but warm days have provided plenty of food for sand martins, swifts and swallows with the Mayflies rising in June, uncharacteristic of their name.

The Ranger team have rescued many large fish looking to spawn in shallow pools that would not otherwise exist. After returning them to the lakes, the fish stand a better chance of finding pools that will allow them to hatch their young, an important food source for our wildlife.

– Luke (Senior Ranger)