Rain Has Not Stopped Play

In March last year a bund, a raised bank of earth, was formed at the edge of the car park adjacent to the river. This used to be in place when Hanson was quarrying the site, and it was reinstated using soil from the extension of the car park. Thanks to fairly favourable weather conditions during 2013 we were unable to put the bund to the test. However, over the last month we have received a fair amount of rain and the river has risen considerably.

In previous years this has caused us lots of problems by flooding the car park and adventure playground.

We have been delighted with the effectiveness of this simple bund and are pleased to say that flood water is now diverted away from the hub area into the two smaller lakes beyond, leaving the car park and adventure playground dry and ready for visitors, with the exception of a few puddles!

We hope to see you again soon!

– Stanwick Lakes