On the Write Path

Last Thursday saw the launch of the ‘walk and write’ group at Stanwick Lakes, bringing together nature and expressive writing. The Skyloft Coffee Lounge was the setting for introductions to one another and to the afternoon’s writing activities (sunglasses needed here in bright sunshine!). Our theme this month, quite apt for such a warm autumn day, was water and the River Nene’s journey through Stanwick Lakes.

The first stop on our walk was the bridge beyond the play area. We spent a few minutes here silently observing the scene, watching the river and allowing ourselves to become more aware of the sights and sounds around us. Our attention was instantly drawn to the luminous green of the reeds stretching out in the water. Moving on, we paused a second time at a sweeping bend in the river; another opportunity to be ‘in the moment’, calm our minds and focus on the natural world around us. As if on cue, a fish rose to the surface to capture our attention! Each short pause during our walk provided the opportunity to scribble words and phrases in our notebooks.

Back at the visitor centre, we reflected on our individual responses, shared ideas and identified themes connected to rivers. We considered our emotional responses to walking by the river and the benefits it offers to our well-being. Each group member then created a short piece of writing, capturing a few moments in the River Nene’s story. Here are some excerpts:

‘Smooth; ripples

Eddies swirl

Current flows

Fast; slow

My perfect place

The river.’


‘Cobwebs on the reeds which had kept their heads above water caught the sunlight and sparkled, showing off their lacy skirts.’


‘Tune in

To a gentle percussion

Of tapping and clicking

As reeds bob in the breeze.’

A wonderful start to the workshops with positive feed back from the participants:

“really enjoyed this afternoon”

“learned such a lot”

“inspired to write more”

The next ‘On the Write Path’ will be on 18th October, 1.30 – 3.30pm and will focus on the changes autumn brings. Please contact Liz Evans for more information and to book on 07952 311814 or liz6137@sky.com.

~ Liz Evans