Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail, developed as part of a heritage project led by Rockingham Forest Trust, uses stone markers to show visitors where historic settlements were found during the archaeological excavations of Stanwick Lakes during the 1980s and 1990s. 

Each of the six stones marks the site of an important historic settlement and has the name of the historical era, such as, Roman, and the dates when those people are known to have lived at Stanwick Lakes.  Plaques set in the stones depict images of either excavated artefacts or people and animals of the time. Brass rubbings can be taken, and a leaflet about the trail is available to pick up in the visitor centre. A Heritage Pack for children is available to purchase in the shop.

An important part of the Heritage Trail is the Roundhouse which has been built overlooking the original Iron Age settlement. This gives visitors a glimpse into the past of Stanwick Lakes and is used to help bring history to life during community heritage activities and event days.