Extensive excavation work was carried out in the Nene Valley before the construction of the A45 and before any gravel extraction took place at the site of Stanwick Lakes. A truly wonderful array of archaeological treasures were found enabling archaeological teams, including many local people, to piece together the story of thousands of years of human activity in the valley.

Some examples of what was found include;

  • The deserted medieval hamlet of West Cotton which was discovered on the northern edge of the site.
  • Several Bronze Age round barrow burial mounds were discovered containing, for example, decorated pots and flint daggers.
  • A sizeable and luxurious Roman villa was unearthed, complete with vibrantly coloured mosaic floors.

It seems clear that Stanwick was of particular importance in Roman times. This was perhaps due to the ease of trading created by the River Nene’s close proximity.

Some of the items discovered during the excavation work are on display on the mezzanine in the visitor centre along with additional historic information. Please feel free to come and look at these displays.