A Day in the Life of our Resident Baker

Job opportunities at Stanwick Lakes

There are currently job opportunities for Catering Assistants during the school holidays at Stanwick Lakes. Read on to see what a typical day is like for our baker.

“I usually arrive at the Visitor Centre at 9 am. This morning is no different but the view today is particularly spectacular. The lake in front of the building is frozen over with just a small patch of open water, that all the birds are gathered in. A pair of cygnets are slipping their way across the ice to try and get to the water. I have to pinch myself on days like this. It seems odd to think I started here 7 years ago as the cleaner and now I bake the cakes. I love it!

First job of the day is to set up the counter and get the cakes out on display. This is when I get a chance to take stock of what we sold the day before and what I need to make later on. Today I am going to have to make some more scones, ready for the afternoon teas that are booked in, and then some more cupcakes. We have the Rainbow Café today and the children love my bug cupcakes, the ladybird is probably the most popular, but I want to perfect my new unicorn design today as well.

I make a start on my day’s baking. The scones are in the oven so I help out on the counter where a walking group have come in for coffee. Now for my ladybird cakes……

Lunchtime is always busy and today I need to help out with the food orders. I love the variety in my job; one minute I’m being creative with my cakes and then I’m preparing meals for our lunchtime visitors. Today’s top seller is the chicken and bacon pasta – my personal favourite would be the steak and kidney pie that we often have as a daily special.

After the lunch rush I need to get the afternoon teas ready. I want to decorate some more adult themed cupcakes, I think it will be butterflies today. Then I set to and prepare the presentation plates ready for the guests’ arrival. After that it’s time for some more dishwashing.

It’s been a busy day and I’m tired by the end of it, but those swans this morning have inspired me and tomorrow I want to try a new design featuring them. I hope you will like them.”

If you think you would enjoy working at Stanwick Lakes, we currently have vacancies in the café for school holiday work. Full details of all available positions are advertised on our website.